Asset Health Talk September 2022

Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention
With National Suicide Prevention Month in September, it’s time to continue opening up the conversation about mental health. As Matt Purcell says, “It’s important to point out that mental health is more about wellness rather than sickness.” We can use this opportunity to learn more about signs, resources and how to break the stigma once and for all.

Spice Up Your Autumn with This Tasty Recipe
Celebrate the turn of the season with our new featured recipe that makes for a warming autumn dinner or works great as leftovers for a tasty weekday lunch. Check out your September newsletter for the full details!

Don’t Let Food Safety Ruin Your Day
Check out this month’s newsletter for the four leading safety tips for handling, cooking and preparing food. By taking proper precautions, you can significantly lower your and your family’s risk of getting sick.

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