Asset Health Talk January 2021

Healthy Financial Goals for a Successful 2021
The new year is always a popular time to set in on accomplishing new goals like losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, finishing that house project, or other self-improvement plans. But what about your bank account? If reading this makes you cringe, perhaps it’s time to refocus your attention to your finances, just as you would an important fitness goal. Afterall, the health of your finances affects all other areas of your life. Peek inside for our top tips to get your finances in the green in 2021.

Discover the Healthiest Oils to Cook With and How to Use Them Correctly!
With several cooking oils available at the grocery store, it’s sometimes hard to know what type to use and when. Take a look inside for a guide on how to choose not only healthy cooking oils, but also the best choice for specific cooking methods.

A Cake for Every (Virtual) Celebration
Now more than ever, it has proven valuable to savor the little things. But that can be tricky during the post-holiday season, which leaves many of us feeling ambitious to cut back on calories to offset recent indulgences. So, to kickstart the new year, we share a delicate dessert recipe to enjoy as a treat without the load of calories – especially if you celebrate birthdays (virtually) this month and are looking for a lighter option.

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