Asset Health Talk March 2020

New FDA Changes Are Effective for the Nutrition Facts Label
Did you know the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued new regulations to the Nutrition Facts labels on packaged food? This is the first major change since 1994. Check out this month’s newsletter to see how this new label can help you make more informed nutritional decisions for you and your family.

Try This One-Pan Honey Chicken and Vegetable Recipe
Struggling to come up with meal ideas for the week? Look inside for an easy, one-pan chicken and vegetable recipe that will help you save time while enjoying a nutritious meal.

Learn How to Sleep Well (or at Least Better) on the Road
Quality sleep is crucial because it helps us achieve our personal, family and professional goals to our best ability. However, our sleep is often compromised by the habits of modern life, such as traveling for work or leisure. March 2 through March 9 is National Sleep Awareness Week. Peek inside this month’s newsletter to learn the recommended essentials to prevent restless nights on the road!

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