Asset Health Talk April 2020

When the Fear of Developing an Illness Becomes a Problem, Especially for Your Health
Since the 2019-2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak began, the fear of catching the virus has slowly crept from the back of our minds to right in front of us as communities across the nation respond. But fear spreads faster than any virus or illness, potentially harming our wellbeing in the process. Read your April newsletter to learn what you can do to minimize and contain the fear of developing illnesses like COVID-19.

‘Marie-Kondo’ Your Space This Spring
It is officially spring, which means we get to say so long to winter! When it comes to spring cleaning, it can be tough to know where to start. But with a little advice from Marie Kondo – famed for her expert organization and cleaning KonMari method – we’ve got a six-step spring-cleaning guide that will help you start this new season off with your space (home or office) renewed and decluttered!

Plan Your Paradise Escape With This Dessert
Let the tide tickle your toes and the sun warm your shoulders right where you are. Enjoy a spring break getaway without buying a plane ticket – check out the tropical treat we’re featuring inside this month’s newsletter that’s so good – and good for you, it will feel like you’re on vacation!

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