Healthy Insights Podcast – Season 3 Recap

Join us as we celebrate the conclusion of season 3 of Healthy Insights Podcast! Host Jim Narum is joined by Co-hosts Merilu Narum, Charlie Estey and Chris Sullivan to review and reflect on the great conversations and amazing guests from the prior 8 episodes.

Season 3 witnessed a wide variety of guests – from health & wellness industry legends to contemporary pioneers, global CEOs, successful founders, and even a hall of fame sports coach who helped break barriers in women’s athletics. Topics covered include mental health and wellbeing on an international scale, the impact of music on health, innovations in skin health, financial wellness, and more!

Listen in to a great group conversation and gain some valuable insights and tips to apply to your work and everyday life!

We hope you enjoyed season 3 of Healthy Insights Podcast. Stay tuned for season 4 – where we will push the limits even further with an innovative audio series that you won’t want to miss.

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