Healthy Insights Podcast – Dr. Robert Karch

On this episode of Healthy Insights Podcast, host Jim Narum in joined by co-host, Charlie Estey and American University Professor, Dr. Robert (Bob) Karch.

Dr. Karch is known by Jim and Charlie as a legend and pioneer of the health and wellness industry. Dr. Karch has been in the industry and teaching for 52 years! From early on Dr. Karch was always interested in exercise science and coaching. After he finished studying at American University, he ended up creating new academic programs including, the Master of Science program in Health Promotion Management and the Bachelor of Science program in Health Promotion, which would go on to become very successful programs for the university.

In this episode, they discuss Dr. Karch’s career and many accomplishments over the years. They also touch on the importance of education and responsibility when it comes to taking care of our bodies. Karch explains that just like you would keep up on the maintenance of your car, we need to do the same with our bodies. The conversation also dives into the importance of having faith in yourself and finding a purpose.

There’s much to discover in this week’s episode, our final guest episode of the season, don’t miss out!