Healthy Insights Podcast – Claire Klein

On this episode of Healthy Insights Podcast, host Jim Narum is joined by Claire Klein, Board Certified Music Therapist for AccentCare, along with his wife, Merilu, who sings with Claire for the Minnesota Chorale. This episode’s discussion is all about the important role music plays in a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Claire explains to Jim and Merilu how music therapy utilizes our brains innate responses to music in order to meet various goals. She describes her current work with hospice patients and explains how well our brains respond to music and how she uses music to uplift and support hospice patients and family members. Music has always been a part of Claire and her upbringing, but performing was never something she was interested in, which is how she landed on a career in music therapy. She explains how her profound deep love of music allows her to be so passionate about her work, but also how singing in the Minnesota Chorale provides her the outlet to be able to practice the type of music that she’s most passionate about.

You won’t want to miss this fascinating episode filled with Claire’s positive patient stories and a few song favorites, listen now!