Healthy Insights Podcast – Collette Folstad

Pioneering and legendary women’s coach, Collette Folstad joins host, Jim Narum to discuss her many years coaching women’s sports along with the numerous disadvantages women experienced and the many hurdles Collette and her players had to overcome throughout the years.

Jim kicks off the episode reminiscing on his days working with Collette as her assistant coach. They dive into the history and evolution of women’s sports, the many disadvantages, and the inequities she experienced and had to overcome throughout her coaching career. It wasn’t until 1972 when the U.S. Department of Education gave women the right to be treated equally that women were finally offered sporting programs. Prior to that, the perception was that women shouldn’t engage in sports because it was too hard on female organs. When an official study was done to see if competing was actually harmful to women, the results proved there was no negative effect to women giving birth and that women should be able to participate. Collette shares many stories illustrating the differences in treatment she fought through such as access to equipment, trainers, and even appropriate women’s fitted uniforms.

You won’t want to miss this educational episode and you’ll also get some awesome coaching tips!

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