Healthy Insights Podcast – Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies, CEO of ICAS World, joins us to discuss mental health and wellness on a global scale. Having previously worked as a Clinical Psychologist in a variety of settings and as a member of the board of directors of AXA Global Healthcare, Andrew brings a wealth of experience and a variety of powerful insights to the conversation.

Mental health in the workplace is growing in prominence. It is now an important part of a company’s duty of care responsibility and has significant impact on overall business performance. According to the WHO, depression costs the global economy over a trillion dollars a year (not even including substance abuse disorders, anxiety disorders, and neurocognitive disorders). More than half the world’s population doesn’t have access to mental health care, and for those that do, access is not always easy.

Andrew addresses these issues and shares top trends in global wellbeing. We explore ways for EAPs to be more effective and easily accessible. Andrew also notes how the distinction between traditional EAPs and health and wellness programs is becoming blurred – and can be intricately linked.

Part of the discussion focuses on ways to make wellbeing solutions locally relevant and appropriate. Yet in the end, despite global differences, we are all humans who share so much psychologically and emotionally – and Andrew shares some great insights on our shared challenges and opportunities.

Listen in for one of our most enlightening and enjoyable episodes yet!