Healthy Insights Podcast – Brad O’Brien

On this episode of Healthy Insights Podcast, host Jim Narum is joined by co-host Chris Sullivan and guest Brad O’Brien, Director of Learning, Insights and Design at GreenPath Financial Wellness.

GreenPath is a nonprofit that helps individuals achieve their financial goals.  This episode explores financial wellness and how it is a part of overall health and wellbeing. The group discusses the major toll that financial stress can have on other aspects of wellbeing, such as sleep and nutrition. Brad references some real but startling stats regarding financial health and discusses effective problem-solving approaches, including Human-Centered Design. Some valuable takeaways from this episode include:

  1. We all have our own financial health journeys – but we are not alone in our situation.
  2. There is a stigma around debt, but financial struggles are more common than we realize – and support is out there.
  3. Financial systems can be complicated, especially when navigating something for the first time. Being open to learn from other’s experiences is a sign of strength.

You can also learn more by listening to GreenPath’s very own podcast used to help spread awareness regarding financial health by sharing real and relatable stories and experiences.

You’re sure to take home useful tips during this week’s episode! Listen here.

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