Healthy Insights Podcast – Mike Motta

Mike Motta, Co-Author of The Practitioner’s Guide to Lifestyle Medicine and former Founder and CEO, Plus One Health Management joins Host Jim Narum for season 3, episode 2 of Healthy Insights Podcast.

Mike begins the conversation with insight into his earlier days of school, teaching and coaching and how it has shaped him and his life. He also talks about the importance of putting together a good team and culture, which was instrumental in his early success. Heard of Calvin Klein? Mike also shares about his days at Sports Training Institute in New York, and the celebrity clients he trained and big-time companies he worked with while building Plus One Health Management. In this episode, Mike dives into how 9/11 impacted him and his company, which was located just one block from the World Trade Center, and the challenges of re-building. After the tragic event, Mike volunteered with American Red Cross for disaster relief and as a community firefighter and continues to volunteer today.

Don’t miss out on the incredibly interesting stories in this episode and stay tuned for many more exciting episodes coming this season!

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