Healthy Insights Podcast – Laura Putnam

Season 3 of Healthy Insights Podcast kicks off with guest speaker Laura Putnam, CEO Motion Infusion and Author of Workplace Wellness that Works.

Host Jim Narum and Laura discuss the importance of culture, personalization and other powerful approaches to reaching people. Laura talks about closing the knowing and doing gap, engaging the key influencers, particularly managers in the workplace, and the key role culture plays in the choices we all make. She says wellbeing is not just about building habits but building culture and being the best version of ourselves not just individually but collectively. Laura also shared some incredible insights, compelling stories and some great nuggets from her book including:

  • Don’t start a wellness program, start a wellness movement
  • As wellness practitioners, we should shift our mindset from “expert” to “agent of change”
  • Instead of “Let’s start with what’s wrong and fix it,” we can be more inspiring if we adopt a strengths-based approach – “start with what is right” and build on that

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes coming this season!

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