Asset Health Talk March 2021

Don’t Let the Pandemic Rob You of Quality Sleep!

You may be finding it a little more challenging to get quality sleep during the pandemic. Maybe you’ve been feeling exhausted and/or experiencing some insomnia at times? March 14 to March 20 is Sleep Awareness Week! Keep reading to discover tips on how to sleep better during a pandemic. 

Looking for a New Recipe to Enjoy This Month? Check Out a Delicious Lightened-up Version of Shepherd’s Pie.

Take a peek inside this month’s newsletter for our featured recipe – a healthier version of traditional Shepherd’s Pie including lean beef and lots of veggies!

Ways to Embark on a Safe Getaway During the Pandemic

Itching to pack your bags but not sure where to safely go? Traveling during the pandemic can be a conundrum – but it doesn’t mean you’re trapped at home. Read this month’s issue to see our top socially distanced trip ideas.

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