Asset Health Talk April 2021

We’re Busting Myths and Revealing Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines!

Check out this month’s newsletter to decipher misconceptions surrounding COVID-19 vaccines from the facts. Having accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines is critical to making informed decisions about your health: your most valuable asset!

There Are Medical Appointments You Shouldn’t Postpone – Even During a Pandemic!

Does the threat of contracting coronavirus in a clinic or emergency room have you delaying routine (or even emergency) health care? No matter your answer, it’s important to remember there are in-person medical appointments you just shouldn’t postpone. Read your April newsletter to see what five appointments are crucial to your health, even amid a pandemic.

The Simplest Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Find

Have a few extra ripe bananas lying around? Transform them into a batch of chocolate chip cookies with the help of just four other ingredients! These cookies double as a healthy afternoon pick-me-up or as an indulgence-free treat for adults, and they freeze well and are a sweet-but-low-sugar treat for kids. They can also be dairy-free and gluten-free. Check out your April newsletter for the recipe!

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