Asset Health Talk November 2021

Can Doing the Same Movement Repeatedly Boost Mental Wellbeing?
Exercisers have long celebrated the ability for workouts to help us ‘get out of our heads’ and get more in-tune with our bodies – think stress relief and the feeling of living more in the moment or even that infamous ‘runner’s high.’ But could there also be a benefit of movement that helps us in fact get more into our heads? Could there be a perk to motion that helps us achieve mind-body harmony and supports overall mental wellbeing? Check out your November newsletter to learn how moving in a unique way can help us sort through the mental mud, deepen our self-care and self-love, and lead us to thrive both physically and mentally.

Getting Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Memory Loss!
Regularly challenging our brains is an important exercise to maintain its vitality, reduce our risk for dementia and improve overall wellbeing. Peek inside this month’s newsletter for tips on preventing the onset of dementia as we age.

Lighten Up Your Holiday Meal With a Winter Squash Recipe This Holiday Season
Serve up a unique twist to an ages-old seasonal veggie for your holiday meal with this month’s featured recipe: maple roasted winter squash side dish. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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