Healthy Insights Podcast – Talya Williams

Talya Williams, Global Wellbeing Program Manager for an international technology company and President Elect of the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion, joins host Jim Narum and co-host Chris Sullivan on this week’s episode of the Healthy Insights Podcast.

Talya shares some tremendous insights into employee wellbeing, drawing on her experience leading onsite programs and managing vast, diverse global health and wellness initiatives. The group discusses the latest trends in wellbeing, the need for empathy and compassion in the workplace, and reflects on the importance of allowing employees to bring their whole selves to work.

Talya discusses how employee wellbeing is a strategic imperative for business. It is not a nice to have, but rather essential for sustainability and success. Employee health and wellbeing is multidisciplinary, and can be connected to other initiatives, including diversity, inclusion, lifestyle benefits, employee safety, and more. She shares insights on social wellbeing, including the importance of staying connected, offers unique insights from a global, multinational perspective and shares tips on how to show compassionate leadership in the workplace.

This week’s episode is a great conversation, covering some of the most important and relevant topics in employee wellbeing today – you won’t want to miss it!