Healthy Insights Podcast – Season 1 Recap

In this season recap episode, host Jim Narum discusses the various episodes and guests throughout season 1 with cohosts, Charlie Estey and Niccole LaDue.

Every single guest brought to this season not only interesting stories, but insightful ideas, thoughts and important discussions regarding the health and wellness field. Niccole starts by mentioning Jen Arnold’s episode and how she dreams of living a similar life on the road with constant exploration like Jen. But her biggest takeaway is that there’s no right way to do wellness, and there’s still a lot to figure out as we go. The health and wellbeing field still has so much unchartered territory and it’s always changing and evolving.

Jim’s conversation with Howard Kraft really resonated with him and what stuck with him most is the importance of being direct and honest. Giving truthful feedback is important and valued by many and essential to build a trusting client relationship.

Charlie’s biggest takeaway from this season’s guests is to not just focus on achieving results, but what comes of that? To look at the power of testimonials and how these programs impact individuals and their families.

Our co-hosts also discussed the social determinants of health, and as a workplace wellness provider the need to amplify the health plan and what it offers, as well as other resources available externally.

Other great takeaways?

  • Believing in the power of nature to heal and inspire. Using adventures to help kids and families to set and achieve goals is impactful.
  • The importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), its integration with health and wellness, and the importance of understanding your entire population.
  • The importance of self-care in order to be your best self for others.
  • How impactful strong leadership is in the health and wellbeing world, and how leadership involvement is necessary to build a true culture of wellness.

And lastly, a favorite quote from season 1: “have high curiosity and low ego” – Sherry McLaughlin. Sometimes it’s hard to admit to yourself that there might be a better way to do something. Setting that ego aside and having that curiosity is crucial for growth.

We hope you enjoyed season 1 of Healthy Insights Podcast. Stay tuned for season 2 coming this fall!