Healthy Insights Podcast – Charita Boseman

In this episode we welcome guest speaker, Charita Boseman. Charita works for the Special Olympics as Senior Manager, Health Technology and as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair. She has a Master of Science in Health & Sports Sciences – Health Promotion from The University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from Kent State University.

Charita has had many career highlights such as, attending a White House meeting for The Affordable Care Act, completing an ESPN interview on the importance of Special Olympics Health, and co-hosting a sports radio show/podcast that ended up being picked up by an ESPN affiliate and an NBC sports affiliate.

Co-Host Niccole Ladue, Director of Clinical Operations at Asset Health joins Host, Jim Narum and Charita in conversations about her role at Special Olympics and the large focus on health that most aren’t aware of. She talks about the huge public health and advocacy focus, and how Special Olympics is much more than just sports, but inclusion in a variety of areas. They also discuss various DEI strategies and challenges that they’re working to overcome.

Stay tuned for some great takeaways, learn how you can get involved with Special Olympics, and hear about Niccole and Charita’s experience working remotely with young children at home.