Asset Health Talk July 2021

Summer Has Begun; Make Sure You’re Using Sunscreen Properly for Optimal UV Protection!
July is UV Safety Month. We hope you’ve started practicing sun safety so you’re protecting yourself from the UV rays while having fun in the sun! Keep reading for helpful tips on proper sunscreen use.

BBQ Chicken Campfire Recipe for Summertime Fun!
Cooking while camping doesn’t have to be boring nor time-consuming. Check out this month’s featured recipe for a delicious BBQ chicken and potatoes recipe made over an open fire pit or even your backyard grill!

Keeping Your Cool
We need a healthy balance of fun to function at an optimal level. And we certainly cannot function optimally when we are overheating! Check out your brand-new July newsletter for a rundown of our favorite fun ways to beat the heat at home and stay healthy this month!

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Happy reading, and remember, your health is your most valuable asset.®