Asset Health Talk May 2020

Build Your Resilience: Overcome a Crisis, Foster Personal Growth and Improve Your Health
Have you ever heard of the word “resilience?” It is defined by psychologists as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. It is the skill of protecting yourself by noticing your thoughts in response to your environment, unhooking from the non-constructive thoughts and rebalancing quickly. Resilience is very important, especially in challenging times like the present, and in the long term. Check out this month’s newsletter for effective strategies to nurture and train this personal skill!

Lockdown Got You Down? Here’s How to Support Your Mental Wellbeing
With social distancing, quarantine and isolation are becoming commonplace during this uncertain time, feelings of fear, anxiety and depression are also becoming commonplace. Peek inside this month’s issue for healthy ways to cope with these emotions and other common ones you may be experiencing during a crisis (whether personal or global) and where to seek help if you need it.

A Five-Minute Recipe to Warm Your Soul
Nurture your spirit from your head to your toes (and have a little fun!) with this month’s single-serving banana mug muffin recipe. Check it out today!

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