Introducing Our Most Advanced
Health & Wellness Platform Yet

The next generation V7 platform from Asset Health provides an all-new, highly engaging
wellbeing experience for leading companies who value the health and wellness of their employees.

It's Time to Step up Employee
Health & Wellbeing

Deliver the tools needed to take back control of community health. Asset Health V7 offers the latest engagement technology, including activity tracking, challenges, goal tracking, daily health certifications, coaching, and more!

Engaging & Impactful
User Experience

Our styleguide ensures our products include consistent design language and ease of use across features.

Health Assessment

Know your numbers with a truly comprehensive assessment.

Comprehensive Whole Person Assessment

Addresses all aspects of health, including mental, emotional and behavioral health. Has been certified by NCQA and validated against health care claims.

Personalized to
the Individual

Builds psychological profiles, tests readiness to change, and tailors the experience with dynamic programming. Powers i-Knowledge courses, health missions and coaching programs relevant for individuals.

Accessible and Inclusive

Can be completed on any device, including mobile phones and tablets, offers inclusive gender options, and is available directly via native app. Connect fitness devices across a wide range of popular brands.

A Redesigned Health
Measures Dashboard

Our new dashboard provides a Personal Health Assessment report, & our digital screening form promotes patient-physician engagement. Track trends, and view important health targets here.

Market-Leading Course Library

Engaging, informative, and complete with testing and user feedback
80+ Courses

Customizable Experience

Courses are dynamically delivered based on health risks, and our new course builder makes tailoring content easier than ever.

Online Health & Wellness Courses

Redesigned from the ground up, V7 courses offer a wide range of topics to keep your organization in the know on all their health & wellness needs.

Lead The Way to Improved
Health at your organization

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